Chibi Muerte Chew Chew Figure

Chibi Muerte

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Chew-Chew is a Chupacabra and Javier’s side kick. Chew-Chew loves a great party and can smell a party half a city away. He is a little insane which makes him the life of every party. He is very protective of Javier. They built an instant bond when Javier saved Chew-Chew from the were-beast during one of Javier’s quest in the Land of the Dark Light. Chew-Chew is happy go lucky most of the time but if provoked he came become extremely dangerous in battle. Javier must keep things high off the ground because Chew-Chew has a habit of turning everything into a chew toy. 

  • Approx:  3" tall
  • Polystone