DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy

Discordia Merchandising

  • $20.00

Introducing DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy. A Full Scale Replication of a standard spray can. From Discordia Merchandising.

DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy stands appox. 7.5 Inches or 19 cm Tall.

Made of Rotocast Vinyl, it is completely hollow, and light weight. Perfect for handling, painting, sculpting and carving upon.

It is carefully redesigned to provide the most Customization surface area possible. All concave indentations and edges have been filled in, all details have been smoothed out, all corners have been rounded. Includes a realistic, fixed, Fat Cap style top.

DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy eliminates all issues and risks with customizing actual used metal spray cans. No mess, no smell, no rust, and no sharp metal edges. Never having to deal with Hazardous Materials Shipping expenses with any postal service companies.

  • Pre-order 
  • Approx:  7 1/2" tall
  • From Colus and Discordia Merchandising